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Tips for Productive Remote Work

Tips for Productive Remote Work

By Arun Kumar

1. Create a routine

Tips for Productive Remote Work

It might be tempting to wake up and start doing a little work from bed before really starting your day. Don't do that.Set a schedule — including working, lunch, and break times — and stick to it.Establishing a routine helps you get into a working mindset at the right times, so you can be focused and efficient.

2. Set boundaries

Tips for Productive Remote Work

Sometimes remote work doesn’t look like actual work, which can lead innocent family, friends, or nearby strangers to interrupt. Be firm.You don’t have to ignore them, but do let them know that you’re working, and you’ll be free to engage after work hours

3. Remove online distractions

Tips for Productive Remote Work

Just because no one’s looking over your shoulder doesn’t mean you should spend the day on Facebook or Twitter.There are several apps and plugins that can restrict how much time you spend on certain sites, preventing you from being distracted.

4. Get the right equipment

Tips for Productive Remote Work

There are certain things you just can’t be productive without.Some of the things you might need: a reliable computer and internet access, a VPN for security, a webcam, a headset, and an external hard drive.Ask your manager or your IT department what equipment you’ll need so that you’re set up for remote success.

5. Create your own workspace

Tips for Productive Remote Work

Whether you’re working at home or in a more traditional workspace, making a designated space for work helps you enter the mental state to be productive.When you enter your workspace, you’re at work, ready to do your best.

Quiz :

Sachin plans on working remotely every Thursday. What’s one thing Sachin can do to get the most out of his time working from home?

A. Check-in with his manager every few hours to let him know what he’s working on.

B. Keep his laptop by his bed so he can start working first thing in the morning.

C. Create a list of the tasks he needs to do and set a realisticschedule achieve them.

D. Turnoff notifications from the office so he can focus on his work.

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