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Partner Frequent Questionnaires

1. How TALN works?

TALN is where top IT companies hire remote IT professionals. You will post your bench resource details in our platform mentioning the technical skills, resource rate and deployment time of resources. Your resource takes online assessment test in our portal and further can access training materials for technical up gradation. Once client posts their requirements in our platform, your bench resource matching profiles will be shown to the client with assessment results . Client interviews your resource and once selected your resource will be deployed on the client project through our platform

2. How long will it take to get our bench resources deployed?

Generally it takes 3 days- 3 weeks based on the skills, type of requirement.

3. Are there any specific IT technologies supported in your platform?

Our platform lists most of the IT requirements plain vanilla skills like PHP, Java to niche AI, Blockchain requirements

4. What’s the payment cycle?

30 days payment cycle. Your Invoices would be paid in 10 days time from the date of Invoice

5. Why TALN?

TALN platform concept is to bridge the gap between IT clients and vendors