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Hire a remote development team

Hire a remote development team

By Arun Kumar

How to hire a remote development team from IT services companies?

Hire a remote development team

The Indian technology industry is experiencing a major boom in salary hikes of up to 60-120% to hire software engineers and retain them. But not every company can afford such steep hikes or may require to hire software developers on a full-time basis. In the era of remote work, it makes much more sense in terms of productivity, and costs to hire remote developers and optimize your business resources.

At Taln, we have helped businesses like yours save costs to hire remote software development teams with a 95% engagement rate. This strategy to hire remote developers has been successfully commissioned for premium brands like VMWare, Toyota, Avizva, Bottomline, WhiteHat JR, GSK, Boehringer Ingelheim, and many other MNCs.

In this guide, we will share how to hire software developers via contract staffing for your projects and the best practices to hire remote software development teams.

What is IT contract staffing?

IT contract staffing is a recruitment strategy to hire remote software developers for short-term projects on an employment contract basis. Unlike hiring full-time software engineers, these employment contracts can include independent workers, part-time software developers, project-based hiring of software engineers, contract staffing with IT services companies etc.

Here are some major benefits of IT contract staffing:

  • If you hire remote software engineers, the administrative overhead costs get reduced that typically come with hiring in-house software teams.
  • Availability of more skillsets across experience and technologies.
  • Focused outcomes and requirements help with the project management as they fulfill the exact needs of the project. This is especially crucial when more variables are involved in a development process.
  • It can take 3-5 months to hire software developers, but Taln has helped businesses with IT contract staffing within 1-5 business days.
  • Hiring via IT contract staffing is cheaper compared to full-time hiring

How does the contract staffing process work to hire software developers?

Hire a remote development team

As we continue to grapple between remote, hybrid and on-site working models in a post-pandemic world, the requirements of present-day organizations have become uncertain. Under this FUD, companies often opt for profitability, for which, IT contract staffing is a helpful hiring strategy to adopt.

A typical cycle to hire remote software developers via contract is as follows:

  • Sourcing of ideal teams or candidates as per project requirement
  • Vetting, programming tests and interviewing of the candidates as per your hiring standards
  • Fixing tasks and outcomes
  • Signing a contract between the selected teams/candidates
  • Onboarding of the IT contract staff

At Taln, we help you manage the complete process with a simple plug and play model where we already have pre-vetted talent to hire remote software developers on a contract basis. Contact our team today.

When to hire a remote development team on contract?

After gaining experience and a foothold in the industry, as an organization, one will start getting hungry for more growth. This requires great talent to support the aspiring rocketship.

But hiring full-time can be a challenge considering time constraints, more talent pool availability, and less retention. Hence, opt for IT contract staffing when:

  • You wish to develop for growth sprints
  • Avoid the legal, time and financial commitments for full-time hiring
  • Need a subject matter expertise to execute your project
  • Your requirement is not on a day-to-day basis or repeatable

Fortunately, the trend to hire remote software developers has caught up and it has become easier to execute this hiring strategy.

How much does it cost to hire a remote developer on contract?

Hire a remote development team

Image: CodeMentor

The cost to hire a remote software developer depends on the geography, demand for the technology stack and availability of the talent in your desired region or timezone. While a developed nation would have expensive software engineers, remote work has made it possible to scout for talent beyond your geographical region and save costs.

Hence, by adapting to IT contract staffing, you can save costs in not just full-time hiring, but also further reduce costs by opting for talent across nations who would equally give results.

Why hire developers from IT services companies?

Hire a remote development team

Source: LinkedIn

While it’s clear why one should opt to hire a remote software engineer for your development tasks, hiring an IT contract staff provides the same benefits with the following additional benefits:

  • Trusted brand value: hire a software development team from an IT services company would come with the trust that the company has built over time
  • Well-defined work systems:IT service companies continuously strive to optimize their SOPs which gets reflected in their deliverables. One cannot expect thorough documentation from freelancers who tend to slack off when it comes to adapting and maintaining a set process.
  • Easy substitution:IT service companies have a talent pool from which one can select and set availability on-demand, unlike freelance developers who are used to working as a one-man army.
  • Standardized pricing: Freelance developers tend to misquote industry standards due to a lack of exposure or experience. Using IT services companies to hire remote development teams means following set payment schedules and standard pricing.

How to manage a remote software development team?

Hire a remote development team

Source: LinkedIn

Software and IT services companies are the second-fastest industry that is adopting remote work. As more organizations understand the benefits to hire a dedicated development team on a contract basis, this share is set to grow further.

But how does one manage a remote software development team? Here are some best practices:

  • Fix time zones: In the quest to save money, one cannot sacrifice the sleeping schedule of employees. Hence, ensure you have finalized the time zones you are comfortable working with for necessary communications and hire from those geographies themselves.
  • Document SOPs and expectations: It's easy to work with IT contract staff since they understand SOPs and are trained to follow industry best practices.
  • Purchase collaboration tools: Work faster by using project management, communication and documentation tools so that it's easier to collaborate on the development
  • Track time: Generally, IT contract staffing payments are made on an hourly basis. Hence, always track time to determine man-hours used. This will also help you optimize for better time management.
  • Do team-building: a development project can go on for weeks or months, hence, conducting team-building exercises can smoothen onboarding and promote collaboration.