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Earn passive income in IT sector by referral

Earn passive income in IT sector by referral

By Arun Kumar

How to earn passive income in the IT sector using B2B affiliate marketing?

Earn passive income in IT sector by referral

Affiliate Marketing is a passive way for many brands to meet their growth numbers, accounting for around a 30% boost in revenues. While for individuals like you, it's a great opportunity to earn passive income. Today, around 81% of brands rely on affiliate marketing, where the industry is worth over USD 12 billion.

Among profitable niches, the technology sector can fetch up to $500! For technology companies across IT Service businesses, consultants, and software product businesses, affiliate marketing is a cheap way for hot lead generation or to enter new markets. If you’re a technology influencer, professional or enthusiast, the IT sector poses a great opportunity to grab some affiliate income.

In this article, we at Taln will help you understand what B2B affiliate marketing is for the IT sector. Furthermore, how you can leverage your existing network to earn passive income in the software technology industry.

What is affiliate marketing?

Brands use Affiliate Marketing to leverage the power of their customers or influencer’s referral network to generate new sales. For every sale closed, the influencer gets paid in the form of a pre-decided commission as a reward for marketing and selling their product.

Generally, the sales are tracked using unique affiliate links that are given to every affiliate. If you’re a registered affiliate with the brand, whenever a purchase is made via the affiliate link, a sale gets registered under your name.

This is a great marketing strategy for brands as it's cheap, and engages existing customers by providing them with a source of income while also pushing positive word of mouth for the brand.

A key to an affiliate marketer's success is audience building. The more audience you have, the higher your income would be since there are more chances of sale conversions. You can focus on building an audience via various methods like starting a newsletter, social media, youtube videos, networking, community building, etc.

Difference between Affiliate Marketing and Referrals:

Affiliate Marketing is different from referral marketing. Referrals are generally done specifically by existing customers of the brand to avail additional benefits from them. But for affiliates, you need not be the brand’s customer. An affiliate can be anyone - an individual, influencer or even another business (marketplace, review sites, etc). They do affiliate marketing to generate a serious income source.

How to earn via affiliate marketing in the IT industry

Earn passive income in IT sector by referral

Knowing affiliate marketing is literally a way to earn income while you sleep. In this article, we will focus on earning affiliate income in the IT industry.

Becoming a technology influencer is a default requirement to become a good affiliate in the IT sector. Individuals with a technology background, prior experience in leading tech roles or business development for technology companies form great affiliates in this space.

Here’s a simple framework to get started:

  • Decide a niche where you have expertise in or enjoy. It can be reviewing SaaS products, no-code, networking with IT agencies, product management etc
  • Create good quality content around your niche on any suitable platform
  • Drive traffic to your content using SEO, social media marketing, etc

Major ways for getting started with building your affiliate network include:

Partner affiliation with developer marketplaces

Some marketplaces like those for hiring remote developer talent, full-time hiring, agency etc offer lucrative affiliate programs for helping them with lead generation and closing.

Hiring is a very big pain point in the IT industry that is constantly plagued with poor retention and inflated salaries. Such marketplaces solve the hiring problem for other brands. If you know companies who are on the lookout to hire developers, then associating as an affiliate with these marketplaces can be an easy way to earn extra income.

Taln is one such talent marketplace to hire remote developers. We also offer a generous affiliate program where we rewards individuals for lead generation. Our program pays USD 50/- even for arranging a meeting with the potential lead.

On closing the lead, we pay USD 2500/- per client (where, you earn up to 500 USD per resource deployed, for the first 5 resources for each company referred).

If you’re interested to join our affiliate network - click to check out the details here and register here to join our Affiliate program

Lead generation for IT service companies

IT service companies and product development agencies who do not have a major internal business development team tend to have affiliate programs for lead generation. Any service business or agency will cease to exist if they don’t have good clients to keep the business going!

Hence, such companies are great sources for affiliate marketing opportunities. Directly contact their business development or sales head to set up an affiliate arrangement.

Recommend software products with affiliate program

Every major SaaS business offers generous affiliate programs. Most of them are even on a monthly recurring basis with limits as defined by them.

Some of the highest paying SaaS affiliate programs are:

  • Shopify: Their commissions range from $58/- for regular merchant plans with upto $2,000/- for advanced merchant plans.
  • Siteground: They have a One-time payment of up to $500. The total amount depends on the plan referred and your total referral volume.
  • Prowly: flat $200 USD commission for every new subscription
  • Airmeet: 30% commission on a recurring basis
  • Hubspot: earn upto $250/- to $1000/- commissions depending on the plan

There are many such SaaS platforms who have different commission rates with varied cookie lifespans. These commissions can be a on a flat rate, one-time fee or recurring revenue basis.

How to find a good affiliate program?

Earn passive income in IT sector by referral

Everyone wants high affiliate commissions, But as a technology influencer, you need to gauge your strengths and network to truly determine what kind of affiliate programs you can choose in the technology industry.

Here are some best practices you can consider for choosing your affiliate program:

  • A simple google search can give great results because most good quality affiliate programs have review blogs and mentions by existing affiliate marketers.
  • Check out affiliate directories
  • Find blogs in your niche. Most blogs opt for affiliate marketing to monetize their blog.
  • Ask your network and audience as to which products they like frequently or wish to use. Manually approach these brands for designing an affiliate commission model.

While choosing an affiliate program, your sole focus should be on how the particular product or service is truly helping your network. This ensures you maintain your network’s trust and hence obtain good sales conversions.

Earn your first affiliate marketing income with Taln

At Taln, we are a talent marketplace that helps brand hire remote software engineers from IT service agencies. We help IT service companies increase their revenues by deploying their available talent on bench.

If you have the relevant network of brands who are looking for professional software developers for their development projects, do get the $2500/- from us!

Learn more about our Affiliate program here -> Affiliate-marketing

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Earn passive income in IT sector by referral

Earn passive income in IT sector by referral